The White Armory

Draw me not without cause, Sheath me not without honor!

 Welcome to The White Armory
We invite you to take a journey back to a time of the Knights...
Of Ladies and Hero's...Jousting and combat... Honor and nobility...
Quests and conquering... Realms and Royalty.

The White Armory specializes in custom medieval and fantasy styled gowns and tunic sets in the virtual world of Second Life©. Currently we are working towards our goal of bringing our exclusive designs to the real world with expert craftsmanship here in the USA. Would you like to help us get there? If you are a resident of Second Life, stop by our huge in-world shop and browse our extensive role-play apparel, formals, bridal and weaponry! If you care to make a donation, please click the donation tab above for a secure Paypal donation link. We SO very much appreciate your patronage and support! Thank you!



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